PGA Championship

I can check a PGA golf tournament off my list. Thank goodness for the suite tickets because it rained so hard. Chris did have to stand out in it but I didn’t get wet. Chris went for 3 days so we left around 6 on Sunday and watched them finish from the comfort of our own couches. It was a great experience but after the rain it was hot and muggy and I was ready to go!


PGA Suite Tickets. Thanks Mitch!


This is Major!


# 16


PGA Champion


Jim Furyk


Rickie Fowler


Adam Scott


Chris and I even made it on CBS!

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1st Day of School, August 13th

2 c c3Caroline started PreK 4 on Wednesday, August 13th and let me tell you it went a lot better than last year. She is a different child now that we have 1 year of school behind us. She marched right in, put her bag up, found her seat, and told me to go! Such a relief that no tears were part of our morning. She has Mrs. Roberts this year but she is actually on maternity leave till October so she has a sub and then the regular assistant. Yesterday they only went till 11:30 so I got to pick her up and we went to Harry’s for lunch. Her choice. She is class with most of her buddies and was actually excited about staying for EDP today! I think we are going to have a great school year. 


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Hudson is 18 months almost 19!

Chris took Hudson to the Dr. on July 24th for his 18 month checkup since I was out of town for work. He was 28.6 lbs, 33 inches, and I forget his head measurement but he was like 95%. His height increased by 2 inches in 3 months so they actually measured him twice and it was right. He is in the 70th percentile now. Since it has been a while since i have given a big update on H man here is 18 things about Hudson

    1. LOVES to be outside and today I heard him say “side” for the first time.
    2. Was really sad yesterday when Caroline and Luke went back to school
    3. Realized really quick he now rules the house at Margaret’s and was fine in no time
    4. Loves the “baby” Olivia
    5. He has more of a temper than Caroline
    6. Still sleeps like a champ. 8 to 7:30 or so each morning
    7. We took him down to 1 nap a day before we went on vacation
    8. Loves to play in the dirt!
    9. Loves to slam dunk Caroline’s babies in his basketball goal
    10. Loves music and he is quite the dancer.
    11. Anytime Chris is in his office he is right behind him. He loves to climb on couch
    12. Has started to talk more these past 2 weeks (words include: ball, ma, da, side, football (only heard by Margaret) and his favorite is Bye Bye!
    13. He went from hating a bath to loving it again. Thank goodness!
    14. Loves to run which leads to lots of falls especially on our kitchen floor
    15. Brown Bear is his favorite book
    16. He loves his PACIFIER!!!
    17. Is the sweetest little boy around and we love him to pieces
    18. LOVES TO BE OUTSIDE! Did I mention that!IMG_4094 (2)
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Vacation Part 2




























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Vacation Part 1

Vacation was great this year! We started in SanDestin because I had to work for about 2 hours on July 3rd. We flew from Nashville non-stop on Southwest and that was great. My parents arrived while I was working on Thursday and by 11:30 we were all at the pool. By 7 o’clock on the 4th Mitch and Lilly arrived and We celebrated the 4th at the Village. The Fireworks were amazing but my children were scared to death so mom and I watched most of them from behind a building. Saturday morning we headed to Rosemary for a week!


Hudson loves live music


Mom and H enjoying the music at Poppy’s



Everyone acting silly!



H loves his daddy!


Happy 4th of July SanDestin, FL


Relaxing at the pool


Family Picture on the 4th of July


First night of a great vacation!


The Chair!


What’s wrong with my dancing?


C and Granddaddy in the tree house we found around the boat docks


Fun Times!


Relaxing in the pool!


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A Wedding Weekend in NC

My cousin Brian got married last Friday in Hickory, NC so Chris and I left the kids with Mrs. Berneking and made the 5 hour drive to NC. We had the best weekend with all of my family and of course a weekend with no kids is great!

photo 312photo 242photo 434

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First Dance Recital

This past year Caroline took tap, ballet, and a tumble class at Gotta Dance. She never seemed to care much for it but she proved us all wrong last Saturday. This girl loved the Stage! She even told my 2nd cousin last night at Thursday Night Live “the best part was being on stage”. We may be in trouble with this one. We were so proud of her and thanks to Uncle Mitch having a last minute meeting Grammy, and Granddaddy, and Lilly got to come.

photo 3b

photo 1122photo 331photo 5aphoto 4aphoto 1bThis morning she asked me when the next recital was. I told her 1 year and she said that will not do!

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